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December 2010

The gift of believing
Creative Commons License photo credit: Rusty Boxcars

Three years ago when my daughter was in her final year of elementary school I wrote the story below.  Much to my surprise, it holds true today.

Yes, my daughter is a rare eighth grader who still believes in Santa Claus.  Despite the naysayers at school, you see, she has proof of Santa’s existence (but you’ll have to read on to understand what it is).

As a parent it’s a rare occurrence to discover you have taught any lesson, played any role or done any job too well.  But given the season, and given the bitter-sweetness of 13, I’ll take it.  After all, you believe in Santa too, don’t you?  In my house this year, we’ve got only true believers.

Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, and may the spirit of the season remain as alive and well in your hearts and homes as it is in mine.  Enjoy The Gift of Believing, it’s my gift to you.

The Gift of Believing

In this season of generosity my husband and I have received a most precious gift.  Our fifth-grade daughter Alexandra still believes in Santa Claus.

Those of you with children know how magical playing Santa can be.  And those of you with school age or grown children also know [click to continue…]


Look Up in Life
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The truth in life is that we probably have countless brushes with death every day that we never know about.  Just crossing a busy city street or shuttling the kids to school, one careless driver more or less at exactly the right moment and your number could be up.

There’s nothing, however, like a violently turbulent flight to make you think maybe, finally, despite the overwhelming odds against crashing, this is really it.

Today I had that flight.

It was a routine Delta jaunt from West Palm Beach Florida (my home airport) to New York City for one of the seminars I teach there several times a year; routine for Delta, routine for me. I hadn’t clued in much to the weather other than to know it would be rainy in New York and to select the most appropriate coat to bring.

About half way through the two-and-a-half hour flight, we hit [click to continue…]


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It’s the end of the journey through another year, December in the northern hemisphere where I live.  I love this month not for the holiday lights, shorter days and colder weather, but because things slow down for once.  Largely thanks to the cluster of December holidays, the pace lets up, and there is time, space, and breathing room to reflect. Mmmmm . . . just savor how good that feels.  Take a deep breath, let it out.  Exhale.  Doesn’t that feel wonderful?

Yet no sooner do we reflect on the past year, or our entire lives to date, than we fast forward to what we will do next, do differently, or both.  We can’t help but move from reflection to dreaming and intending for the future.

Intention has been a growing focus in my life this year and is a paramount theme for 2011.  And it’s not just me – the concept of living with intention seems to be popping up all around me, and I say it’s about time.  Especially with science catching up to spirituality, we’re learning more all the time about the power of intention – even before it leads to action – to really and truly move the physical universe.  (If you’re curious for more on that – especially the science piece – don’t miss what Lynne McTaggart is doing at The Intention Experiment.  This ain’t hocus, people).

One thing’s for sure on this journey:  you can set the course, or [click to continue…]