Spiritually-Centered Guidance, Healing and Support

Welcome to all who find themselves on the path of challenge, change, and transit through turbulent times. Chances are you weren’t seeking this path yet here you are, not sure where to turn next.

Whether you’ve stumbled upon it accidentally or sought it intentionally; just starting out or well into the journey, the path to awakening through the challenge, change and the unknown will encounter predictable twists, turns and obstacles. However, your experience of it will be unique which can make it feel lonely, confusing, and scary.

The good news? You don’t have to go it alone.

Quite by accident I embarked on a spiritual journey brought on by existential curiosity, then accelerated by life crisis. Thanks to my own guides, I successfully navigated the uncomfortable but necessary path of self-discovery, healing, and growth. The result? a solid foundation for not only surviving, but thriving in spite of major life challenges. Now I serve as a coach, guide and spiritual practice instructor for others.

Welcome to The Accidental Seeker. I’m glad you’re here.

The Challenge

We Are More Disconnected Than Ever

It’s ironic, isn’t it? In an era of greater media channels and modes of communication than we’ve ever known, we are more emotionally and spiritually disconnected from ourselves and others than ever before. We’ve hyper-developed our intellects at the expense of our hearts and souls.

We suffer because we are multi-dimensional beings requiring physical, emotional, mental and spiritual health to thrive. These four aspects of self are intricately intertwined. Disharmony, disease or mis-alignment in one is connected to and will express in the others.

And while we are spiritually awakening collectively and individually faster than ever, living a spirit-centered life is still not the status quo. Like muscles which have atrophied due to neglect, it can be uncomfortable and unfamiliar. We are neither encouraged nor taught to operate from essence vs. ego.

Add to this today’s media-driven culture, which bombards us with mostly negative messaging often ungrounded in objective truth, and it’s no wonder we feel out of alignment!

As we absorb greater and more varied negative inputs we become easily overwhelmed. Our resilience thins, the pace of change quickens, and survival mode kicks in. Because in the face of adversity, we are wired to merely survive. Our body-mind’s innate response is to cocoon or shut down in an unconscious attempt to protect ourselves from further discomfort, pain and perceived harm.

The Opportunity

Consciously Evolve

Evolution has shown us there is another way. Because we possess self-awareness and conscious choice, we are capable of growth and adaptation. As humans we can choose to proactively advance beyond our survival programming by tapping into the spiritual.

Becoming spiritually conscious allows us to rise above instinct to see challenges, hurts and losses as growth opportunities. It also motivates us to connect with kindred spirits for support and well-being. This opens the door to thriving vs. surviving. Crazy as it sounds, challenges and losses are often poorly wrapped gifts for becoming our best selves and experiencing a full, satisfying life.

When we stop feeding our overworked intellects and emotional dramas we break free from ingrained patterns that hold us back from true happiness and fulfillment. We learn that leaning into challenges instead of avoiding or resisting them is the fastest path to growth.

And yet . . . it is difficult if not impossible to do without support.

The Accidental Seeker is here to help with your spiritual expansion and liberation. Whether yours is a quarter-life, mid-life, late-life or perpetual life crisis matters not. Life is always trying to flow through you. Will you let it?

The Solution

Awaken, Align, and Center

My mission is to foster spiritual growth and awakening as a means of alleviating suffering, promoting self-realization and contributing to a more harmonious world. With a strong spiritual foundation, how we see ourselves, others and our shared experience is positively transformed. The Accidental Seeker is centered around the practical application of spirituality in everyday life.


Gain a deeper understanding of yourself, others and the world that goes beyond limited perspectives or victim mentalities and makes sense of the big picture. Learn to shift perspective and reframe your narrative for more peace, joy and satisfaction.


Learn effective, practical techniques and habits for navigating your challenges to heal, grow and thrive. Get one-on-one training in basics like meditation or affirmation-setting plus education in more advanced modalities.


Receive coaching and guidance through emotional challenges, life crisis and/or spiritual exploration. You’ll be supported with discernment and integrity while being steered clear of confusion, scams, false prophets and dependency models.


The hardest thing we can ever do is grow whole. You’ll be gently held accountable for integrating what you’ve learned in our work together or uncovered via healing modalities and applying it toward the transformation and goals you seek.