Our Mission

Spiritually-Centered Support, Healing & Transformation

For some of us the path of self-discovery, spiritual awakening and growth involves ashrams, nomadic journeys through third-world countries, quitting jobs, leaving family, experimenting with reality-altering substances, and other radical lifestyle choices before (if ever) returning to the secular world.

Drastic? Usually.  Exotic? Most certainly. The path for most us?

Forget about it.

Karen's Story

At least, it wasn’t for me, and I’m probably not much different from you. I had about as stereotypical an upbringing as it gets – nuclear family, suburbs, conservative values. I followed the proscribed American dream-program for happiness: go to college, land a corporate job, get married, buy a house and all the material trappings that go with it, have a kid or two. Even got an adorable family dog.

Yet I always yearned for more. A nonconformist at heart, the conventional but comfortable American way wasn’t cutting it for me. Shortly after a cross-country move nearly 20 years ago, that began to shift.

I took up yoga, then taught it. Yoga led to meditation and a spontaneous realization that there is more here than meets the eye. I got curious, studied, read, and spent time in self-inquiry with conscious community. Experience followed knowledge and I launched the first generation of this site as creative writing outlet in 2010. Long-held beliefs didn’t make sense anymore, direct personal experience did. Slowly my carefully-perfected American dream began to crumble, although I tried mightily to keep it intact.

Fast forward a decade and a full life tear-down was underway. My long marriage failed and I was facing divorce. My daughter left for college. The adorable dog died. Other relationships fizzled. I gave up the beautiful house I had chosen and was living alone for the first time in two decades. Self-employment provided little security and no financial safety-net.

Not much from my old life survived the transit to the new, but I was grateful for what did.

Karen’s Story

Why ``Accidental`` ?

I never set out on a spiritual quest but spirit found me anyway

Rumi wrote “that which you seek is seeking you” and it was true in my case. My soul yearned for expression but was strangled in the chokehold of a meticulously-curated life. The more I ignored it, the louder the call became until I realized I was so out of alignment with who I wanted to be that maybe I tore my own life down.

At least then I was finally getting somewhere.

One teacher connected me to the next. One practice flowed to another. Everything and everyone effortlessly found me or I stumbled into it without even trying. Ayahuasca. Shamans. The Akashic Records. Transformational Breath. Therapy. Recovery fellowships. Shadow Work. It all kept showing up until I answered the call to give back.

Despite a good number of phenomenal experiences and adventures, the take-away from everything I’d been through became clear: INTEGRATE spiritual centeredness and wellbeing into daily life.

In 2011 I completed the 16-week Agents of Conscious Evolution program. Since then I have coached and counseled many seeking a healthier, more conscious way of life. With over a decade teaching yoga and meditation, I continue to explore and practice spiritual modalities I can bring to the benefit of my clients.

The Journey

When we decide to awaken and look deeper at our stories we embark on a hero’s journey. The big questions are worth asking but can unearth crippling  fear, anxiety, and doubt. Pandora’s box, once opened, is not easily closed. And what it was forced open on you anyway?

The alternative, of course, is always available: don’t make the journey. Just distract yourself. Stay busy. Take the blue pill. Hide out in your comfort cocoon as gushy goo and never emerge a butterfly.

But is that why you came here?

As we wake up and remember who we really are and why we are here, we need support. My mission is to guide those on the path of their soul’s expansion right here, right now, from right where they are. Preferably without the full life teardown, radical life renouncement, globe-trotting and ashrams (although, in my opinion a good ashram is worth a visit at some point).

Working With Me

As a wayshower I provide a blend of insight, guidance, practical instruction and accountability for growth and change. I recommend and demonstrate specific spiritual practices and as an impartial observer, illuminate blind spots to help you through your transition with grace and ease.

We start from wherever you are today. We identify both your challenges, obstacles and pain points as well as your desired goals, outcomes and future states. Next, I recommend a roadmap for getting you there. Together we agree to a specific plan of action, measure progress, and maintain accountability until you are complete.

In our work together I draw upon many modalities, practices and resources but never recommending anything I haven’t tried, integrated or mastered myself.

Ready to get started? Let’s go! I look forward to seeing you on the path.