Enlighten Your Next Event

Searching for a dynamic, inspiring speaker and event leader with an enlightened yet practical approach to spirituality?

Karen Talavera is a tell-it-like-it-is speaker and engaging storyteller with a knack for using real life examples to illustrate how Source is actively at work in our lives. She has a unique ability to recognize and decipher the patterns, connections, and random synchronicities that serve as signposts on our journeys and clues to the way forward; then teach people how to read and decode them so we can consciously write our own scripts.

Karen speaks with enthusiasm and empathy.  Audiences around the nation have enjoyed her entertaining, inspirational talks and your group can be next.

She also develops, facilitates and leads private ceremonies, workshops and retreats. Inquire below to learn more about having Karen design, lead or speak at your event.

You Get What You Believe

Identity informs belief. Belief informs thought. Thought determines action. Get to the root of why we unconsciously re-create the same reality, and how to change it

When Life Goes Up in Flames

What’s really happening when it looks like your life is going to hell? Understanding destruction and thriving through change

Getting Unstuck

Getting Out, Getting Through, and Getting Going

Manifestation Magic

You’re a Law of Attraction diehard, so why aren’t you a billionaire yet? How to avoid rookie mistakes and manifestation pitfalls to accurately identify and consciously create what you truly want

How To Read the Matrix

Life speaks, but do you know the language? Signs, signals and directions are everywhere on our journeys but most of us miss them. Learn how to decode the unwritten language of the universe and what to do with your messages

People Are Mirrors

Other people are mirrors to our blindspots, showing us what we may not want but need to see. How do we integrate their reflections into a greater understanding of ourselves, avoid triggering, and evolve into conscious relationships?

Still Human

Avoiding the “spiritual bypass” common after peak experiences in non-ordinary reality and how to integrate them into 3D life on Earth