woman power

Did you ever notice how different you are when you feel empowered vs. helpless? You know the emotions are different, and as a result, you think different, act different, be different. It’s energizing, invigorating, even inspiring.

Such empowered moments are, of course, when you most easily manifest what you want. You take the risks necessary to make leaps; throw caution to the wind; keep going on the adrenaline rush alone.

You’re invincible.

Inevitably we come down from the high and settle back into neutral, often still energized into action, though, with things generally rolling along. Then something doesn’t quite go as planned, and the doubt creeps in. It’s a slippery slope from invincibility to impotence, but we’ve all succumbed at one point or another to feeling powerless. Other people make choices that permanently change our lives, and even the most confident of us can get stuck feeling victimized.

Whether due to historical precedent, culture or biology (and maybe all three) women seem to have a harder time than men reclaiming their power after a downward spiral. After riding my own emotional roller coaster this year between confidence and doubt, abundance and lack, invincibility and fear, I had to ask why. Why powerful one day, [click to continue…]


What If . . . ? The Art of the Pivot

May 19, 2014

When we want something, why is it so easy to actually drive it away instead of nurturing it into reality? Attracting anything into being involves three key ingredients: Desire (aka Passion), Belief (aka Faith) and Action.  Most people can unconsciously manifest with only two of the three, but a true master of manifestation can consciously […]

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World Domination? Maybe It’s Just Conscious Living

July 4, 2013

As I write this, I’m soaring 33,000 feet somewhere over Montana on the final leg of my journey from Florida to Portland, Oregon for the third annual World Domination Summit (affectionately known as WDS).  By the time you read this, I’ll be immersed in the juicy mix of 3,000 bloggers, entrepreneurs, travelers, artists, nomads and […]

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Lessons on Being Yourself

July 1, 2013

Once upon a time, a luminous energetic being (you) was born into the body of a human baby. As disorienting as the process was, it felt miraculous. In those first few moments of your life as a person you had no self-awareness. You were simply being. As the initial days and weeks of your life […]

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Update: Accidental Seekers for Charity Water

July 1, 2013

Thank you to everyone involved in 2012’s Accidental Seekers for Charity Water campaign. As a result of your contributions we raised a total of $525. Although we fell short of my lofty goal of $5,000, the money we raised was sent to Rwanda and will contribute to Charity:Water’s (CW) ongoing projects there. Almost 11 million […]

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Let’s Focus on the “How” Instead of the “Why”

December 25, 2012

2012 has been a year of accelerating shifts, change, and evolutionary opportunities, many of which have been less than positive. This year (granted, the past few) has been rife with unsettling and chaotic if not tragic events both collectively and for many of us, personally as well. Inevitably it seems that the negative makes a […]

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How a Hundred Dollar Gift to a Thousand Nonconformists Inspired me to raise $5000 for Charity:Water

October 5, 2012

The Newmark Theater was packed for the closing session of the second annual World Domination Summit early July in Portland, Oregon. As I glanced around me it was clear every one of the exactly one thousand seats was filled. After final speaker J.D. Roth presented, Chris Guillebeau took the stage to deliver the official send-off. […]

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Acceleration, Re-entry and the Ever-Rising Bar

August 12, 2012

It was barely a month ago that I was on my way to the second annual World Domination Summit (WDS). Since then, my life has been a continuous whirlwind of a ride into one new realm after the next. Actually this period of acceleration, exploration and rising intensity started more than a month ago. In […]

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Virgin Territory

July 5, 2012

photo credit: JessyeAnne I’m headed to Chris Guillebeau’s World Domination Summit (WDS) tomorrow, and honestly, I’m not sure what to expect. I’m going alone, and although I tangentially know some of the people who will be there, it’s starting out at least as a solo journey. Yet the mix of trepidation, anticipation and mystery I […]

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Five Guiding Questions for Living Life to the Fullest

May 10, 2012

photo credit: manymeez We’ve all heard the clichés – life is fleeting. Time flies. As I write this the year is already a third over and it feels like it just started. Some years are like that, and 2012 is one. That doesn’t do you a lot of good if you don’t have a guidance […]

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