From the monthly archives:

March 2017

My good friend Kelly Morgan Merly of Bucket List Retreats recently paid me a huge compliment by featuring me as a guest on her Travel Talk YouTube show. At Kelly’s suggestion and true to my adventurous spirit, I made the short journey to one of my favorite places – the beach – to discuss my favorite topics: spirituality, travel, exploration and how they all connect.

(I’m a little squint-y from the sun, but hey, no journey is perfect!)

We take many journeys in life: some internal, some external. I’ve foundĀ  more often than not, where we go and what we do in the outer world is a reflection of what is evolving inside us. An outer journey in the form of travel, exploration, or a retreat can ignite an inner journey (whether we want it to or not). At the very least, it enhances and accelerates any interior journey which may already in progress.

Perhaps you have experienced the same? I certainly have, which is a big reason I keep traveling. But you be the judge. Watch the video and share your take on the subject in comments below.