Update: Accidental Seekers for Charity Water

Charity Water Progress

Thank you to everyone involved in 2012’s Accidental Seekers for Charity Water campaign. As a result of your contributions we raised a total of $525. Although we fell short of my lofty goal of $5,000, the money we raised was sent to Rwanda and will contribute to Charity:Water’s (CW) ongoing projects there.

Almost 11 million people live in Rwanda, and about 35% don’t have access to clean, safe drinking water. But Rulindo, where these projects are being built, is one of the poorest districts in Rwanda, and water access is much lower there — 70% of people live without clean water.

Thanks to you, CW’s local partner, Water for People, is hard at work on 7 large-scale gravity-fed systems with 106 tap stands that will serve almost 26,000 people. But the solution doesn’t stop at the tap. To ensure that water continues to flow long after they’re gone, these systems will be built and managed through an innovative public-private partnership and by using the best plumbing service we can ensure that no problem will occur in the futue. If you are on the lookout for a trusted plumbing service, then check out Marines Plumbing as I have used them personally in the past to fix my house and their professional service has made my life easier.

Once their water projects have been fully completed, CW’s partners will go back and collect GPS coordinates, photos and other details about each community using their new water source and they’ll send all of the data to CW. CW will verify everything and create an online completion report so all of us can see the impact we’ve made.

I’ll keep you posted when I receive that information, but for now, thank you for your conscious and generous contributions to this cause. Water is so essential to life as to be synonymous with life. Let’s continue to spread life and love every way we can.