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June 2011

Behind the Scenes of Shifting - Getting into Action

Creative Commons License photo credit: Ivy Dawned

Last week I began a Behind the Scenes look at Shifting.  Since most people go through a similar process, I’ve illustrated it in five stages.  Part 1 explained the first three stages – Transition States, Perceptual Markers Disappearing, and the Void Point.  This post will explore the final two stages: the Choice Point and Action.

Stage 4: The Choice Point:  The good news is, you can’t and won’t stay in the Void Point forever.  The universe abhors a vacuum, remember? When you accept and witness the void point as the no-man’s land it is, you quickly arrive at the Choice Point: the point at which you either choose to stay in lower states of consciousness, stuck in overwhelm, or evolve.

This is a critical juncture. Here is where free will comes into play; here is where you consciously begin to access your power as creator or choose to deny it and remain victim. Yes, we have a choice.  Whether you choose to step back or step forward will determine whether you remain in lower states of consciousness or shift.

To those who despite coming this far still do not step forward, welcome to [click to continue…]


Behind the Scenes of Shifting
Creative Commons License photo credit: openDemocracy

For the past few months I’ve been writing about my personal journey through the shift in consciousness I see humanity moving through.  Although I think we as a whole are evolving, there are billions of different individual stories illustrating how we’re doing so.  While we’ll all end up at the same place, there are billions of different paths leading there.  There are billions of unique ways we will each hear and respond to the call to shift – a husband’s path will be different than his wife’s, two friends may wildly diverge, and so on.  And there will be billions of different time-frames in which shift happens – but mostly that’s up to how fast we each decide to get on board.

For me, major stuckification in February was a tip-off that my time to shift was at hand.  Although I didn’t quite believe it then, didn’t intellectually or practically know how it would play out, and was overflowing with attendant fears ranging from getting more stuck to being divorced, jobless and destitute to perhaps the worst – that the status quo would continue – from a deeper place I knew that darkness [click to continue…]