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March 2011

The Rift

Creative Commons License photo credit: Erwint

Recap: What’s The Shift?

Apologies for leaving you for a few weeks after writing Welcome to The Shift, the first in a series I’m writing to chronicle my own process of shifting and to reach others moving through what’s become known as “The Shift”.

To recap, this “Shift” is what I (among many others) define as our collective and individual evolution into higher consciousness.  Simply put, we are shifting from living life at the surface level of human ego, basic  survival and physicality into recognition of our true selves as an expression of a unified whole.  Despite outer appearances, we’re growing into an awareness of humanity as not many and separate physical beings, but rather as one collective multi-dimensional organism that is at a tipping point of either great promise or peril.

This evolution is occurring at both individual and collective levels.  That can sound confusing or contradictory, especially after I just told you we are growing into an awareness of individual players as a collective whole.  But the reality of this shift is [click to continue…]


Welcome to The Shift
Creative Commons License photo credit: Ed Siasoco (aka SC Fiasco)

I haven’t posted as much as I’d like to over the last month, but I won’t use conventional excuses like “I’ve been traveling” or “I’ve been busy”.  While both are true, they’re not the main reason.

The main reason for not blogging more often is that I’ve been shifting.  And frankly, it’s been kicking my ass. [click to continue…]