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February 2011

How Open Are You?
Creative Commons License photo credit: Jules LaVerne

2011 is shaping up to be a year of rapid, no-nonsense “shifting into gear”.  For many people – self included – we’re close to completing the transition through the gears which has defined the past few years.  I don’t know about you, but I’m intending to enter a more stable place of greater alignment with my goals and desires in 2011.   After the preceding (and apparently, ongoing) period of economic, climate and political instability, I welcome this final push even if it won’t be entirely comfortable.

Which is why right now, it really pays to have goals and desires; to have clarity of intention followed by intentional action.  Alignment and clarity are necessarily linked – you can’t be aligned to something without defining it to begin with. The dimensions and areas of your life, of all you are, can’t be congruent without clarity.  So I view clarity and more specifically, the willingness to examine and truthfully see as another defining lesson of 2011.

For some of us, this means simply opening our eyes or pulling our heads out of the sand and at long last facing what we’ve been avoiding.  For others, it will be time to take off [click to continue…]