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January 2011

i believe in symmetry
Creative Commons License photo credit: timsnell

While 2010 ended with a whimper for me (and for the most part I was glad to see it go), 2011 is starting off with a bang.  There’s “no rest for the wicked” as the saying goes.

Not that I’m wicked (truly, I’m not) but we all have negative habits, conditioning or baggage hiding somewhere and when it must be dumped, the universe will waste no time in pulling up the trash bin.  Seems like 2011 is hauling in the garbage trucks.

It’s fitting that on this closing day of January I’m sharing three lessons that have already come up for me this year (yeah, that’s just what January had to offer!).  Thankfully, they’ve been swift and precise, resulted in some much needed laser-introspection, and yielded chucking of habits that were holding me back:

1.       How you do everything, and how you feel when doing it, is more important than everything you do.
Your vibe tells all, and despite how you act or what you say, people will usually pick up on your true feelings about something.  Reluctant to sit through three hours of your son’s baseball practice?  It’ll show.  The challenge for most of us – I think – is we end up doing all sorts of things we don’t really want to.  Or what we thought we wanted turns out to be a far cry from our expectations.

What to do when there’s a gulf between what you have committed to doing and how you feel about it?  [click to continue…]