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September 2010

Creative Commons License photo credit: jooseph

After a slower-than usual posting schedule over the summer, I’m ramping things up again with this poem that came to me – not surprisingly – on one of several flights that have kept me traveling in recent months.  Apologies for my absence here; my intention is to post weekly but you know how it is – life intervenes!

Still, no excuses.  With the change of seasons and school back in session however, I’ve been hearing the usual round of “stuckification” that seems to kick in this time of year bemoaned by various friends and colleagues.  Some are busy moms lamenting the back-to-the-school-year grind which keeps them locked into set schedules of seeing kids off in the morning, shuttling them to after-school sports activities or obligations, and prepping for the upcoming holidays.  Others are seasoned business professionals who feel on a treadmill gearing-up for the usual busy fall conference and trade show season and wondering why they feel like they’re rerunning the same activities every year.

Seems like right about now, we could really use some wings.  Here’s my poem; a few final thoughts continue afterward: [click to continue…]