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August 2010

Sunrise over Taos Mountain, New Mexico

We all think and say we want our dreams to come true, but there’s a funny catch-22 about dreams:  it’s often more fun to dream them than to live them.

On the one hand, when what we desire is still “just a dream”, it’s airy – illusory and imaginary – and often highly motivating.  But when and if it comes true (it manifests), the reality of a dream might not match the fantasy. Often, the dream made real feels a lot more like a goal achieved or work to be done than what you imagined your dream life to be.  Which is why – with as many dreams as I have – I try to use them as a landscape in which to create specific goals.  You could say I use my dream-scape as a creative play space.  I think that’s part of living consciously – knowing what you want while at the same time daring to get wildly, almost insanely creative about it.  Think and imagine without limits; they’ll always be there later, right?

Because on the other hand, the dream made real might far exceed the fantasy, so what have you got to lose?

For those who are serious about making dreams come true or (no matter who you are) for those dreams you’re absolutely sure you want to make real, I offer this simple recipe. (Isn’t it easier to just follow instructions than to have to find creative ways to keep ourselves motivated toward dream-making?)  That’s what I love about recipes – they provide a point for an immediate beginning and a framework you can build on.  The creative pressure of getting started is off , yet you can take all the creative license you want with the instructions once you have them.  I encourage you to do so with this recipe too, so here it is: [click to continue…]