The Road to Conscious Evolution

So you’ve shifted – now what?

If you’ve been through a shift or you’re still shifting, it can be a wild ride. As I described in my last two posts, at first it’s usually not much fun. In fact that’s an understatement: it can feel as if your world is crumbling, you’re backsliding, or nothing is happening at all. There can be pain and loss, confusion and convolution, even upheaval. Yet, once you realize those are only early markers of an ongoing process and begin feeling the momentum of movement, it’s a whole other story.

Let’s Get to the Good Part Already!

That’s when the ride gets fun! After the choice point, assuming you’ve moved into action, the action itself is exhilarating, fulfilling, enriching and even if challenging, deeply meaningful; at least, that’s exactly how it has felt for me. Your days are accounted for yet fly by without a worry. Your plate and calendar are full yet you’re not overwhelmed – you are instead fueled and fed. You care not about time nor notice its passage, for you’re living in the moment and loving every minute of it to the point where there is a complete absence of stress over “how to fit it all in”. Anxiety about what’s coming and attachment to the past evaporate. The next thing up is desired and wanted, which goes a long way toward alleviating all that past/future angst.

I had a June chock-full of doing exactly the things I’ve wanted for some time, all at once and in perfect harmonious sequence (hence the slow-down in posts this last month). All of June into July was ripe with long-held desires all manifesting simultaneously – meaningful well-paying work in great locations, new clients, business and reader growth, a stay at a Ritz Carlton (noteworthy due to its rarity in my life, but hopefully not yours!), proficiency in my Zumba and yoga teaching, travel, family time and even an international vacation to Chile (more on that in future posts).

All this with my husband also traveling a bit and our daughter home from school for summer break. Thinking about it beforehand, I thought I’d barely make it through the month, but during and after these myriad comings and goings I was instead completely energized and inspired. Plus I didn’t need to coordinate the moving parts of three lives; since our intentions were harmonious that happened largely on its own. I commented to several people that “if every month could be like June, I’d feel fulfilled and complete all the time” and I meant it.

The Catch-22 of Human Nature

Still, human nature is such that what fulfilled us yesterday can bore us tomorrow. We are hardwired to keep reaching for more and enjoy it. We’re rarely satisfied for long, and I don’t think we’re supposed to be. While what I said about June was true (and since it’s only a few weeks into July I, at least at this moment, still mean it) I know that eventually I’ll want to play even bigger and take a step higher yet again. So I figured “why wait?” and registered for the Agents of Conscious Evolution Training which begins August 9.
Conscious Evolution TrainingThis 12-week training with 81-year-old evolutionary Barbara Marx Hubbard (yeah, I think by that age you know a thing or two about evolving!) is something I considered carefully in April/May when it first launched, but didn’t feel ready to move into. Back then I was still in the process of shifting, rather than feeling shifted; now on the other hand the timing seems ideal.

The aim of the course is to train participants in the skills necessary to catalyze transformation within themselves and others. As it says on the site, “It will connect you with a global community of change leaders who are here to light the way forward. The ACE Training is designed to awaken your full creative potential, empower you in your ‘vocation of destiny,’ give you a template for joyful co-creation, and provide a path for manifesting your heart’s desires. And it will help you find your authentic leadership in the collective shift now underway.

I don’t know about you, but despite dreaming a few weeks ago that Oprah somehow found me via this blog and gave me my first television show on OWN, her new network (yep, that was quite a dream I tell ya!) I’m not willing to wait any longer for my “vocation of destiny” to magically arrive on my doorstep. I am instead done dreaming about it, thinking about it, and analyzing it, and with now more than an inkling of what it is, am choosing to step into it. This is one of the first, but I think, more powerful steps I’ve taken to date.

If you’re feeling a similar pull, join me in the course by learning more here.  Remember, it’s starting in just a few weeks.

So What DO You Do Now That You’ve Shifted?

You engage in action and you stay in action, continually stepping forward and up through challenge, fear, uncertainty and doubt (because – face it – no matter how high you go they’ll always be there). You live, love, and be the action because soon, you realize the action is your purpose. And much to your surprise, through all this action you’re suddenly living your purpose and it’s everything you ever dreamed it would be (and maybe more). Even that’s not the end, because ultimately you inspire others to live their purpose and dream bigger. What your action is may change, but the forward momentum just keeps growing.

Remember, it’s the journey not the destination that matters.  And if you’re like me, the more you’re in forward motion the happier and more fluid the journey will be.

Affiliate disclosure: I’m not only a participant in the Agents of Conscious Evolution training, but I believe in its value so much that I am also an affiliate helping to promote it, which means that if you register for the course through any of the links or banners in this post you are not only supporting me on my journey (and for that you have my deepest appreciation and gratitude) but I will receive a commission from the training organizers. Just so you know.

  • Hi Karen – Thanks for this. I’m in the middle of my own shift of the sort you’re describing, and have noticed that in the last month or two, after I took a monthlong sabbatical to ‘reboot’ my life, I came back and my life has been flowing in a way that it hasn’t in awhile, possibly ever. I’m also currently developing a blog project (that I will write you about privately) that is filling me with excitement as well as dread and doubt. It’s challenging, scary, and exciting. The same things are happening in work and career, changes are afoot that are challenging and that excite but also scare me. For the first time in a long time, I’m excited to be doing my own things, I’m learning a lot of new things, and my days are filled with these things. It’s a far cry from feeling like my days are filled with helping others achieve their dreams but ignoring my own, which is how I’ve lived for the previous 3 years, if  not longer. But your article exactly describes how it feels to shift! Thank you-

  • Thank you so much! It’s so wonderful for me to hear about others shifting too and know we’re feeling similar things. So many of us are now experiencing the outer manifestations of the evolution in consciousness in our individual physical worlds and outer lives; I’m thrilled to know how that’s happening with you. The best part is, we get so busy and swept up in the momentum that even though shifting can be challenging, scary and exciting we usually don’t have time to dwell in fear or frustration! At least, that’s been the up-side for me. Keep moving in the direction of your dreams and reaching for good feelings, and let me know how it’s going from time to time. Namaste.

  • Richard Ohlrogge

    Hi Karen – I have been following your blog for a couple of months (last 3 postings).  What drew me to your blog was the name – Accidental Seeker!!  I too am a seeker – in this day and age I believe there are a growing number of accidental seekers out there, maybe even more with the games being played in Washington!!  My direction is not so much accidental as very purposeful.  Ever since 9/11 I have felt the strong pull to seek and understand how life could be different.  I have spent 10 years reading and searching which has proven to be an interesting journey.  The first web site I found and participated in for a couple of years was called Global Mind Shift – it still exists.  I have taken numerous online programs over the years including 2 that are part of the Shift Movement and one with Barbara Hubbard a few years ago.  I won’t be participating in her upcoming program but look forward to your comments as you go through it.  I am actually working on developing a presentation to be given in the local communities where I live which will be based on the work of Brian Swimme and David Christian.  My greatest curiosity is how to tell the NEW story that everyone is talking about today in a way that will capture the hearts and imagination of the many Accidental Seekers that are out there and even more those that are not seeking but are curious enough to listen.  Good luck in the upcoming program and I look forward to your comments!!  Rich